Welcome to Pimped Mobility Project

Wheelchair at Yorkshire Modified Show where in won “Most Unique Modification”

My name is Danny I’m from Yorkshire, UK and ever since I was born I’ve suffered with Arthritis. As a young wheelchair user I noticed people tend to stare more, especially with a disability that isn’t totally visible. Due to this I decided to modify my wheelchair to give people something to stare at. That is how Pimped Mobility Project was born.

Once the wheelchair started to stand out so much I decided to use it to raise money for charity. To do this I take it to car shows all over the UK and put it on display with a collection bucket. To expand the project I now have a mobility scooter which was kindly supplied by CareCo Mobility. Originally this was supplied so I could get round shows while my wheelchair is on display. This gave me the opportunity to really go over the top with modifications with no restrictions