Zemismart Smart Humidifier Oil Burner

I have recently been making my home a smart home, automating as much as I can to make living independently easier. I was contacted by Zemismart asking if I would like to try out one of their latest products, a Smart Humidifier Oil Burner. I accepted their offer and have been testing it for a week and here’s my review.

Zemismart Humidifier Oil Burner with Mood light

While the humidifier is active it does have a slight hum from the fan but this is only noticeable when you are next to it.

To start using it you simply fill it with water to the mark inside, add a couple of drops of oil, plug it in and then turn it on. A single press of the on/off button turn it on with s small mist, a 2nd press releases a larger mist and 3rd press turns it off. To control it using your mobile phone you need to download the app from Play Store or Apple store and follow the steps on the screen. Once connected you can use the app to control the size of the spray, set timers and control the ambient light. If you link it to your home assistant you can then control it using voice commands to turn the humidifier and light on/off. Unfortunately you can turn the light on/off using Alexa, but not control what colour or switch between fade or static.

When the water runs out it automatically turns off and lights up red. What impresses me is you only need a couple of drops of aromatic oil for the scent to spread throughout the home. This means it will save you money instead of buying candles and make your oil last longer. Since using it I’ve found that I seem to sleep a lot easier too as if helps me relsx

1, Easy setup.
2, Surprising how little amount of oil you need.
3, Automatic shut off when out of water.
4, The light gives off a nice relaxing glow

1, Unable to set lighting colour or mode via Alexa.
2, only available in white, would be nice to have a selection so you can get one that matches your décor

If you would like to buy one you can do so for £25.33 from Zemismart