The Rebuild

The scooter stripped and ready for powder coating

15th October 2018

The scooter is stripped down to its chassis and sent to Marriott Shot-Blasting and Powder Coating to be powder coated.

4th January 2019

I picked up the chassis in December but decided to leave it till after Christmas as I had other stuff to do 1st. I absolutely love how the chassis turned out and think the guys at Marriott Powder Coating and Shot Blasting did an amazing job. I’ve started rebuilding it, replacing all the nuts and bolts as I go with brand new so it all shines.

10th June

Not had chance to do much to the scooter due to problems with my health. With help from a friend of mine (Connor Elliott) the chassis is now complete and the scooter is starting to take shape. I’ve also mounted the linear actuators for the lowride system and made under trays to hold all the extra electronics.