Switch panel

Switch panel for all the mods, lit up using a ICELED Gem


The 1st mod I fitted to the wheelchair was a ICELED Gem which is the smallest light source ICELED do. Everyone loved it and I noticed people spoke to me more instead of just staring. So I contacted ICELED to see if they had anything else that would fit. They came up with the idea of fitting a miniature version of their UFO kit which is a underglow kit for cars, it’s also the best on the market.

Since then they have continued to support the project and now I have a kit on the wheelchair and the scooter.

Light bar

7inch LED light bar mounted to the front of the scooter

For the scooter I wanted to add a light to the front so I could see where I’m going in the dark. A company called 4×4 Lighting offered to send me a 7inch led light bar which fits perfect and is amazingly bright.