Sound System

Wheelchair at Yorkshire Modified Show where it won “Most Unique Modification”

The Wheelchair

In order to fit a working sound system I needed to think of where and how each part would fit. The wheelchair is limited because everything is so tightly fitted together there isn’t much room to add things. So 1st to install the headunit I replaced the fabric seat base with a sheet of MDF covered in black vinyl. I then mounted a universal headunit mount under the seat in the gap the new base had created. The headunit was kindly supplied by Pioneer Car Audio and the speakers by JL Audio.

For the speakers I then made side panels using styrene sheet from 4D Modelshop which attach to the wheelchair frame and used those to mount the speakers.

Mobility Scooter Sound System

Headunit supplied by Pioneer Car Audio and the speakers by JL Audio

The Scooter

Originally I wasn’t going to add a sound system to the scooter, but Pioneer made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I messaged them to explain that I struggle to reverse the scooter due to restricted movement in my neck. I asked them if they did a small screen with a reversing camera, as that would make it easier. They replied back saying they have a double din headunit that has a connection for a camera and I can have it if I can find a way to mount it.

After a couple of days I figured out that it would fit in the basket on the front perfectly. Using styrene sheeting from 4D Modelshop I made a mount that fits on the top of the basket. I then mounted a speaker on either side so it’s all enclosed together.

I was then contacted by a company in Canada called Actuonix that make micro linear actuators, asking if I could find a use for one of their actuators. The timing was perfect because someone had sent me a small screen and I thought why not have a screen that pops up from the rear body panel and link it to the headunit.

Pioneer Car Audio

Supplied the headunits for both the wheelchair and scooter

4D Modelshop

4D Modelshop supply me with the tools & materials I need to make my ideas become reality